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Timeless Bathroom Design Ideas To Consider When Redecorating

by Bathtime Mobility on March 30, 2023 No comments

Whether you have a small bathroom, a large bathroom or somewhere in between, renovating it to fit your home’s style and your needs can be tricky, especially when choosing the overall look and design.

Having a bathroom that is functional and also looks great can be difficult, especially with constantly changing interior design trends. Choosing something that is chic and timeless is a fantastic option for those who may not want to constantly change their style but wish to keep it trendy.

Tiling is one thing that never seems to fade out of fashion. Small, rectangular subway tiles have been a top pick for bathrooms and kitchens alike for many years and give a sleek yet stylish look.

Choosing a neutral or white tile is best when trying to stay timeless and elegant as it brightens the space and gives a blank canvas to add any coloured accessories you may like.

Many people choose to ditch the bathtub altogether, but choosing a standalone shower can be tricky, especially for those in need of mobility baths and showers. Picking a bathtub or shower that is relatively plain in design and simply blends in with the rest of the bathroom is great for those looking for a timeless feel.

While an antique avocado tub or a super-modern shower room may be trendy now, chances are they’ll be replaced with something new in a few years so sticking with the classics is a great way to ensure you don’t get bored too soon.

The hardware and accents in your bathroom can tie the entire room together; luckily, these are far more replaceable than other parts of the room. 

Choosing simple designs for your faucets and other hardware will help keep the classic look, but this is one area that you can have a little fun with as it is relatively easy to replace these.

Bathtime MobilityTimeless Bathroom Design Ideas To Consider When Redecorating