Great Bathroom Storage Solutions

by Bathtime Mobility on April 1, 2023 No comments

Finding ways to incorporate storage into your bathroom can be difficult. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may have minimal space to install storage units that are both functional and accessible. 

One option is to consider storage in your sink area. This is a great option as it doesn’t take up any additional space and is very easy to access. You can place drawers or cupboards under the sink itself that can be used to store hand towels, toilet paper, cleaning products and self-care items. 

As sinks are generally built at an accessible height, it also means that the storage under the sink can be easily accessed by most people, regardless of their level of mobility. It is also a good potential option for wheelchair users. 

Shelving in the bathroom is an obvious choice for storage, however, this can be unaccessible especially if the shelves are placed very high on the wall. 

A way to combat this would be to install a counter space that is at the right level for you which runs along a wall horizontally, rather than vertically. This ensures everything stays at an easily accessible level and also prevents any shelving from taking up valuable floor space. 

An alternative to shelving is alcoves within the wall, which are a solid option if you are looking to retain as much usable floor space as possible and don’t want shelving that juts out to potentially minimise space you can use. 

Alcoves can often be placed at a custom level and are an excellent option for those wanting space to display and store items safely as it is more difficult to accidentally knock items out of an alcove than it is to knock them from a shelf. 

If you require storage that can be moved around easily, storage trolleys could prove beneficial. They can be used to hold any manner of objects, from cleaning supplies to towels, and can easily be wheeled around the bathroom so they are never in the way and always in reach. 

If you have available space, baskets are another way to add more storage to your bathroom. You can use open baskets or ones that close. These are good for storing towels and washing that you may want to keep close by, but out of sight. 

Another potential option, if you have the room for it, is a seat that opens to be used for storage. These can be a wonderful addition to the bathroom as it gives you a place to sit as you go about brushing your teeth or washing your hands as well as doubling up as a storage solution. 

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it is always possible to have bespoke storage solutions made to fit into your bathroom that meet your wants and needs. There are so many options available that you are sure to be able to find something that works for you.

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