Top Tips For Future-Proofing Your Bathroom

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A bathroom is amongst the hardest rooms in the home to design, because every aesthetic element needs to be practical and functional enough to work every day and also be sturdy enough to work every day.


The concept of future-proofing is somewhat multi-dimensional when it comes to the bathroom. Not only is it about using long-lasting components, robust and aesthetically pleasing materials and an easy to use layout, but it also needs to meet the present and future needs of everyone in the home.


From the sensible use of technology built to last to the addition of accessible bath solutions, here are some top tips for future-proofing your bathroom.


It Started With A Design


The first step to creating a future-proofed bathroom is to create a layout that works for any stage of life.


Whilst accessibility is an important element of this, the key is not to add these elements later but to factor a welcoming, easy-to-use experience into every element of the design, and ensure it is suitable for the needs of everyone living in the house both now and in the future.


For example, if you want to have either a low-step or step-free shower or wet room, it is best to factor this into the original design, as installing a wet room later will be far more expensive if you build it around other parts of your bathroom.


Blending Function With Design


Another aspect of factoring in future needs early into the design process is choosing materials and design elements that are not only beautiful but also add practical benefits.


For example, many anti-slip floor tiles are available that allow for the beautiful aesthetics of a gleaming stone or porcelain tiled floor but without the risk of slips after a shower.


Beyond this, sturdy stainless steel, brass or rose gold-effect rails can be used not only as grab rails but also as towel racks for extra storage.


A shower bench can be factored into a bathroom’s design, reducing the need for a shower stool, and many other accessibility tools have been redesigned with a more aesthetically pleasing form factor.


Opt For A Modern Thermostatic Shower


One of the most important elements for future-proofing your bathroom is your washing technology itself.


Thermostatic showers are designed to mix hot and cold water to a pre-selected temperature and will automatically adjust to any changes to the water supply, eliminating the problem of suddenly scalding or freezing water whenever someone flushes the toilet or turns on a tap.


They also have easy to use control systems that provide a range of safety features at a touch of a button, which can be exceptionally beneficial to all members of a family.


There have also been more cutting edge advances in smart shower technology that allows a family to set maximum shower times, temperature limits, the ability to pre-run a bath to a precise depth and temperature, and colour-changing readouts that highlight when the shower is getting warmer or colder and more besides.


Investing in your bathroom space now can not only lead to years of comfortable living but also increase the value of your home should you decide to sell.

Bathtime MobilityTop Tips For Future-Proofing Your Bathroom