What Your Bath And Shower Habits Say About You

by Bathtime Mobility on May 16, 2022 No comments

The bathroom is one of the few places in many houses where people can take time out of their busy lives to contemplate, to imagine, to ponder and to be alone with themselves and their thoughts.

Because of this, the little habits and idiosyncrasies we have are often allowed to come out when we spend time in assisted bathrooms, and this can say a lot about our personalities once the water is turned off.

Here are some very common bath and shower habits and what they say about our personalities.


Brushing Your Teeth In The Shower

If you brush your teeth in the shower or whilst using the toilet, it is often a sign of impatience. You want to take advantage of every moment in the day and do not like to spend time out to contemplate or take life one step at a time.

It can sometimes be connected to overachievement in your professional life, as many people who multitask in the bathroom also multitask in their everyday lives.


Singing In The Shower

Did you know that when music streaming site Spotify compiled a list of the top 20 most popular songs to sing in the shower, Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go made it to the top of the list?

One of the bounciest, most upbeat pop songs ever made by one of pop’s greatest singers is an excellent metaphor for the types of people who love to have a personal karaoke session in the shower.

People who sing in the shower are confident and unafraid to be themselves, regardless of what other people may think. They also love to have fun and have a good time in everything they do in life.

It helps that a bathroom often has the perfect acoustics to help you sound your best when you decide to sing your heart out, no matter if it is in key or not.



From people with a song in their hearts to daydream believers, people who like to escape from the world and lose themselves in the bathroom are people who want to escape the realities of the everyday.

The invigorating rushing water from a shower or the immersive feel that comes from a deep bath can be the perfect setting to lose yourself in your hopes and dreams, and for creative people can be a vital part of putting together the missing link.



Are you the type to make plans, write lists and arrange your day whilst in the shower? You might be the type of person who is always ‘on’. Much like people who multitask in the shower, people who make lists want to get on with their day and push ahead.

When you are in a position where you cannot get anything else done, you do some of your best thinking and planning ahead whilst washing away the day.

However, whilst that is often a great mindset to have, make sure to make some time for yourself, even if it is spent thinking in the shower.

Bathtime MobilityWhat Your Bath And Shower Habits Say About You