Top Winter Bathroom Trends

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During the winter months, when the days get colder and the sun sets sooner, one common pleasure many of us want is the ability to relax either with a warm, relaxing bath or soothing shower.

This desire for a spa-like experience is often what dictates the trends in accessible bath solutions, and many of the top trends for the end of 2022 involve creating an exceptionally relaxing space in a room typically seen as purely driven by functionality.

With that in mind, here are some of the top trends that are set to be highly popular this winter.


  • The Single Statement Shower Head

Over the past few years, shower design had evolved almost to the point of self-parody, with the previous sensible functionality of having a rain shower head and a handheld shower head being replaced by a system of jets that more closely resembled an automated car wash than a shower.

There was nowhere else for showers to go, so the prevailing trend has been a return to simplicity, with either a handheld shower head or an overhead rain shower, with both styles having their supporters for different kinds of showers and wet rooms.


  • Variable Lighting

Bathrooms are in a tricky position when it comes to lighting, as you often need a mix of both bright, almost daylight-level lamps to clearly see yourself in a mirror, as well as warmer, more muted lights that allow you to relax without that overly intense overhead light.

The most elegant solution to this has been the implementation of dimmable LED lighting, where the illumination of the bathroom is early controlled with a simple switch, although alternatives involving multiple light switches are also a possibility depending on your particular lighting setup.


  • Bronze And Black Metal Fixtures

One of the biggest overall interior design styles that has become popular as of late is Modern Farmhouse, which combines the rustic and natural materials of a traditional farmhouse with a more modernist focus on simplicity.

This has led to a revival of metal fixtures, and specifically, the surge in popularity of dark bronze and black iron shower heads that are highly evocative of that farmhouse style, particularly when paired with lighter marble sinks and countertops, as well as varnished dark woods.

If you prefer a more bohemian bathroom style, then brushed brass is still very popular, but the key is that brushed nickel, polished brass and copper have started to diminish in popularity from a trending perspective.


  • Return To Nature

In the spirit of a spa environment, few additions will have a greater effect on the mood of a bathroom per pound spent than the addition of a robust plant that benefits in the naturally humid environment.

One of the best aspects of relying on nature for design is that it creates a focal point for any bathroom from the most minimalist use of space to the most opulent Victorian bathhouse.

If you do opt for bathroom plants, do bear in mind that they need to support high humidity, be resilient to sometimes wild variations in temperature and can survive a low-light environment.


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