When Remodelling A Bathroom Is Not Worth It

by Bathtime Mobility on December 2, 2022 No comments

As a room that is designed primarily around its functions, most people tend to remodel and update their bathroom around their needs rather than using a similar regular interior design cycle to the rest of the home.

Whether this involves installing accessible bath solutions or a more substantial upgrade to their homes, remodelling tends to be based on need, although sometimes it can be done as part of more substantial home renovations or potentially even to add value to a home.

If the intention is the latter, however, it is worth being slightly cautious, as not every bathroom renovation, remodelling or additional installation will necessarily help a house’s selling price, and with that in mind here are some times when remodelling a bathroom simply is not worth it.


  • When It Necessitates Plumbing Adjustments

Whilst there is always scope for minor adjustments, if you need to significantly modify the pipes or wiring in your bathroom, it will significantly increase the cost of the bathroom renovations without necessarily adding significant benefits.

Whilst changing a bathtub or shower area can provide some significant benefits, consider carefully before planning to move it to another part of the room, as it could add more to the renovation’s cost than you might expect.


  • When You Lose A Room In The Process

Adding another bathroom can be incredibly beneficial, especially if it allows for an en-suite or a bathroom on the ground floor of a property. 

However, when talking purely about increasing the value of a home, an extra bedroom or living space will almost always be worth more than a bathroom.


  • To Add Expensive Smart Technology

Smart bathroom technology is often fascinating, and sometimes these niche gadgets can really make a bathroom better for a homeowner. However, do not expect it to increase the value of your home.

The issue is partly the expense, which can turn off buyers if it comes at the expense of more substantial renovations, but also that many smart gadgets have a bad habit of dating very quickly, requiring constant expensive upgrades to keep on-trend.




Bathtime MobilityWhen Remodelling A Bathroom Is Not Worth It