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How To Get In And Out Of The Bath Safely

by Bathtime Mobility on July 19, 2017 No comments

When people find getting into and out of the bath to be difficult, it may be best to consider making some comprehensive changes to the bathroom, such as installing a walk-in bath like the Classic, Avrail or Aventis. An alternative is an easy access shower or wet room, which in some situations may be a better choice than a walk-in bath.

Quite often people who are experiencing difficulty getting in or out of the bath find that one day they just cannot manage it. This can be a frightening situation and can lead to making big changes in the bathroom. If you are having such difficulty it is best to consider making changes sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, it is always useful to know of a safe method for exiting a bath and here is one such example:

1. Starting in a position with your bottom on the floor of the bath, first shuffle yourself onto your side, then onto your hands and knees.

2. Reach up and place your hands on the rim of the bath, then push yourself up onto your knees.

3. Hold onto the side of the bath and lift your knees up so that you move onto your feet. Do not let go of the side of the bath.

4. Keep holding onto the rim of the bath, and lift one leg over the side of the bath and onto the floor.

5. Once your weight is safely on the leg outside of the bath, lift the other leg over the side of the bath so that both legs are outside the bath. Keep holding the bath throughout and maintain three points of contact with the bath at all times.

6. You are now out of the bath and can stand up safely and let go of the bath.

For additional safety, consider using an anti-slip mat in the bathtub and placing grab rails around the bath to provide useful handholds.

In many situations these solutions will be temporary as declining mobility leads many people to seek truly safe and easy to use bathroom solutions such as walk-in baths and easy access showers or wet rooms. If you have now decided on one of these options, please feel free to get in touch with Bathtime Mobility on 03300 882 237.

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