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Working Alongside An Occupational Therapist

by Bathtime Mobility on August 30, 2017 No comments

Bathtime Mobility design and install bathrooms to suit people with reduced mobility. Although our project management service covers the whole project from design concept to a fully fitted and functioning bathroom, we often receive enquiries from people who started their mobility bathroom project with an Occupational Therapist (OT).

An OT works with people of all ages who may be disabled, ill, elderly or living with an injury to carry out a variety of daily activities essential for health and well being. Their remit is very wide and encompasses advice, recommending equipment and offering strategies or plans for adapting the living or working environment to suit the individual.

Understandably, people may begin their mobility bathroom project by engaging an OT, but once the OT has helped design a bathroom adaptation it is over to the individual to carry out the works. At this point, people often approach a variety of builders or plumbers, who have little experience with the mobility market, and are unable to source the recommended equipment as the merchants they buy their supplies from do not carry mobility products.

Many mainstream firms do not cater to the much smaller mobility market, because demand is low compared to the mass market. Customers also require more time-consuming specialist advice and guidance to ensure they can use the product. Installing specialist products is also a job that tends be more complicated and takes longer than normal.

A mobility bathroom is not as straightforward as a standard bathroom. In these cases, people with an OT plan are better off engaging a firm that specialises in the mobility bathing market with access to the right products and expertise in fitting them.

Although Bathtime Mobility can offer a design service, they are happy to work with the OT’s adaptation plan if one is available. As they are a mobility bathing specialist they will have no trouble obtaining the bathroom items specified by the OT and have the necessary experience and expertise to fit them properly.

If you have an Occupational Therapist’s plan for a mobility bathroom and now wish to undertake the installation, call Bathtime Mobility to discuss their fitting and installation service on 03300 882 237 or send us an enquiry.

Bathtime MobilityWorking Alongside An Occupational Therapist

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