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Why Are Colourful Bathrooms Becoming Trendy Again?

by Bathtime Mobility on April 5, 2023 No comments

Looking back in time, colourful bathrooms have been trendy and popular since the 30s’. Avocado bathtubs, shell pink sinks and mustard cabinets have all had their moment, but recent years have seen a rise in sleep, bright and subtle colours instead.

This is changing though and colourful bathrooms are back on trend. Bold brights, moody darks and even neons are all becoming more popular and all-white bathrooms are starting to phase out.

This may be due to the circular nature of interior design and the fact that trends seem to phase in and out, but inevitably always come back. Colour was seen as old-fashioned for some time, however, vintage is now in style again.

If bold colours aren’t to your taste, there are still ways to incorporate some variety into your space. Using a soft pastel as a focal point and changing your accessories to fit with the colour scheme is a great way to add some interest into your bathroom.

Blues and peaches are a great option for those looking to add just a splash of colour. Painting one wall in a muted pastel shade and adding towels and hardware that match can instantly transform a space.

Tiling is another great way to add colour in a functional way. Using coloured or mosaic tiles can add just the right amount of oomph without being overpowering. Tiles can be used in block colours or in patterns too so you can create any design that you like!

Or, go all out and choose a bold, monochrome look. Different shades of the same colour from floor to ceiling can make a statement and give you the bright, eccentric bathroom of your dreams.

You can even mix and match your colours to create a burst of rainbow in the bathroom. This can be especially fun and exciting if you’re looking to spice up a small space.


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Bathtime MobilityWhy Are Colourful Bathrooms Becoming Trendy Again?