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What Should You Prioritise When Restyling Your Bathroom?

by Bathtime Mobility on April 3, 2023 No comments

A bathroom does not have to be expensive to look and feel luxurious, and it is far more important to buy smart rather than buy expensive when it comes to bathing solutions.

Whilst a complete redesign will help your bathroom look fresh, new and far more comfortable, most bathrooms only need a few effective standout substitutes to completely transform its look and feel, reducing the cost of a restyle significantly in the process.

The key to this approach is to have a design philosophy in mind and prioritise certain bathroom accessories when reworking your bathroom.


  • Taps

It cannot be overstated how much of an effect your taps can have on the overall effect of your bathroom, from the shape, material and finish, with gold, black and gunmetal all popular options that can both stand out and harmonise with other parts of your home aesthetic.

Try to coordinate your showerhead with your bath and shower taps for a consistent, strong aesthetic finish.


  • Vanities

Much like how a statement sofa sets the tone for a living room, a desk for an office and a bed for a bedroom, the vanity is the centrepiece of the bathroom that will shape the style of the rest of the space.

From the rustic and organic to the luxurious and ornate, vanities come in all shapes and sizes, but will provide the biggest transformation to your bathroom space if you find the one you like the most.


  • Shower Screen

The era of the shower curtain is long gone, replaced instead with a dedicated screen, but the scope available to personalise, customise and help the screen fit the aesthetics of the rest of the room and represent your style more than a standard glass screen would.


  • Mirror

The mirror has been the best friend of many bathroom designers over the last few decades, and if you want to make a major change in looks whilst changing little else, swap the mirror out for one that matches the style of your accessories, to create a harmonised style.

Bathtime MobilityWhat Should You Prioritise When Restyling Your Bathroom?